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Monica went above and beyond delivering my reading in an incredibly impressive, accurate way. If you're looking for a reader who genuinely cares and is thorough, order from her!!!! Thank you!!


Hi! Thank you for the amazing reading. You gave me a lot more than I had asked for. The reading also really resonated with me. Really appreciate you going out of your way and providing so many details :)


I highly recommend this lady's services. The reading is highly accurate , honest and complete. The price is very reasonable and I will definitely use her services again.


Monica, you are simply amazing.

Absolutely spot on, I shall read and re-read. THANK YOU


Hi Monica

Could not believe how accurate your reading was and I was left in no doubt what I need to do.

Thank you for steering me along a path that I had considered prior to the reading.


Wow! Thank you so much, thats really quite amazing and so accurate! Definitely some things to think about.


Hi Monica

Thank you so much!

As ever, your readings are so detailed, accurate and lift me greatly... for this I thank you kindly.

With love


Thanks for the guidance reading that is preprinted it explains it all


Thank you very much for your detailed reading and all the work you put into this.

It is all very accurate and true and I will take that advice to heart.

I am very impressed with your cards reading skills and your gift. Thank you very much for your time!


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