Monica's Love & Relationship Guidance Tarot Readings
Monica's Love & Relationship Guidance Tarot Readings
Monica's Love & Relationship Guidance Tarot Readings
Monica's Love & Relationship Guidance Tarot Readings

Monica's Love & Relationship Guidance Tarot Readings

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We all know that love is difficult.

It’s difficult when you’re looking for the one and you’re not finding them.

Or when you have found them and, for whatever reason, lost them. Will he come back?

It’s difficult when you’re in a relationship and you have no idea where it’s going.

Or when you’re married and need some certainty.

And the thing is, we all have different issues that connect to our ability to love and feel loved. There isn’t one formula. Some of us need to be more humble, while others — more confident. Some of us don’t know what they want, while others are too specific. The list goes on and on.

Yes, love is difficult. But Monica can make it a bit easier. If you feel like you need a little spiritual guidance, like you need a little nudge in the right direction so that you finally find what you’re looking for, let her guide you.

The only requirement? Keep your mind open. Because what she has to tell you may hurt now… But if you listen, it will re-build you.

And love will finally come.  

All readings are delivered to your inbox within 24 hours of ordering.

Monica’s 1 Card Reading

You want a sign. About that cute guy or about what to do next. You’re not ready to dig deep, you just want a sign what to do.

Well, you can have it. Choose Monica’s 1 Card Reading — a powerful way for you to finally understand what the right decision is — and you’ll have your sign in your e-mail inbox within 24 hours.

Monica’s 6 Card Tarot Cross (Best Value)

If you want more insight than the 1 card reading could offer; if you’re ready to find the key to love — your key — get Monica’s 6 Card Tarot Cross reading and discover:

  •      Why you fear love. Because if you don’t have it, you’re afraid of it.
  •      What comes naturally to you in love and how to use it for good.
  •      What you want in love and what you need in love (because it’s very likely that the two are different).
  •      Your likely future love outcome if you keep going down the path you’re going.
  •      How much you really love yourself and how to love yourself more.
  •      What obstacles to expect in love and how to overcome them.

Full 12 Month Reading

Sometimes we give ourselves a year to figure out love. If you want to get married within a year, or decide whether you’re in the right relationship within a year, or find your true soulmate within a year… If the next 12 months are key to how your personal life will unfold, then investing in this powerful 12 month Tarot reading is the best thing you can do. Learn the hard truths about what to expect and get the energy and guidance you need to finally embrace love.

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