Monica's Life Guidance Tarot Reading
Monica's Life Guidance Tarot Reading
Monica's Life Guidance Tarot Reading
Monica's Life Guidance Tarot Reading

Monica's Life Guidance Tarot Reading

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Who knows what the future holds… No one! That's right, not even gifted Monica.

Because the future depends on you.

Now, if you’re asking how to make sure that you have the future that your heart desires, that’s another question. That, we can help you with.

Focus on the area of your life that you feel needs improvement, or the one where you’re unsure how to proceed, then choose one of Monica’s 3 readings, each delivered to you within 24 hours.

Monica’s 1 Card Reading

This reading is perfect for you if you're looking for a small hint from the universe, a small nudge, or some light guidance or validation on your current situation. 

Monica will interpret the meaning of a single card and what it means for your life right now, and you will have this enlightening information on your email within 24 hours of ordering.

Monica’s 6 Card Tarot Cross (Best Value)

Is a "small hint" not enough? Are you itching to take your life to the next level, or find the way forward? Then choose Monica’s signature reading, the in-depth 6 Card Tarot Cross. It can help you:

  •      Realise your fears and learn how to overcome them
  •      What comes naturally to you and how to use it for good (the answer may surprise you)
  •      Your likely future if you keep going down the path you’re going
  •      What obstacles to expect and how to use your strengths to handle them
  •      What you truly want and what you truly need (usually not the same thing)
  •      How you feel about yourself and how those feelings define you

Full 12 Month Reading

Sometimes the year ahead fills us with fear, or hope, or excitement, or all at once. Whether you’re worried or excited to know how the next 12 months will unfold, and how to make the best of them, this is the reading for you. 

*You can choose your reading from the scroll-down menu above the purchase buttons.

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