Your Personal Mystical Reading from Your Picked Cards

Your Personal Mystical Reading from Your Picked Cards

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This is your card reading influenced by the choices you have made! Just checkout and I will complete and send your reading within 24 hours as usual.

And remember, this is risk-free. If you truly aren't satisfied, just let me know and I'll fix it.


To recap:

My pick a card reading is back, and more interactive, powerful, and helpful than ever before!

It has taken weeks of late nights and lots of extremely positive feedback before I finally feel ready to invite you to try my new reading. Let me explain…

My new reading allows the cards to connect to you more than ever before. You use your intuition to pick three of your own cards.

To make the draw and intuition you feel as powerful as possible, I’ve put together the nine possible cards with healing crystals and beautiful pictures.

I strongly believe that it’s the card’s energy that draws you to it.

You subconsciously know that you need the insight and guidance contained within that card - even without seeing it. 

And if you feel the draw to the cards, why ignore it?

You Will Receive:

  • The 3 cards you choose
  • How their meaning affects you
  • What they mean and their energies
  • How to make the most of these energies (important!)
  • A summary of everything you should know, and any changes you should make

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