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We’ve all been there. You find yourself needing some guidance, a push in the right direction, a sign from the divine and the universe.

After a quick search, you finally choose some sort of Psychic Hotline, or Tarot Service. But as happens so often, you get left disappointed and empty-handed by an unethical company! 

In fact, often the “readers” on the other side of these hotlines aren’t gifted at all, and are trained to just keep you on the phone for as long as possible.

You see, the longer you’re on the phone = the more €£$ for the company…

After years, I was sick of it. I knew the universe and tarot could help me, but who could I rely on, and where! Finally, I figured it out.

So I started PsychicDivine, and work exclusively with the only Gifted Tarot Reader that blew me away 100% of the time, called Monica.

And to keep prices low and predictable, we only do readings via email - which means you’ll have it forever too!

We’re so sure you’ll love our service, that we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. You no longer need to risk your hard earned money to get insight from the universe.

3000+ Readings Sent

Under 24 Hour Wait Times

0 Clients Left Unsatisfied

I've never felt more fulfilled or happy since starting to do readings exclusively through PsychicDivine. Knowing that I'm helping people every day... reading the wonderful replies... there's nothing like it.

Even better, I know that it's being done ethically and my 100% Satisfaction Guarantee protects my clients.